It Will Be Trend In 2018: Web Design Tips

It Will Be Trend In 2018: Web Design Tips

I thought I’d give you some web design tips to decorate the image of your online business. In this post I want to talk about the trends of 2018 and what you should include in your web design.

In addition, I definitely recommend that your check out some professional wordpress themes for business so that you can use something that will represent your online presence that will stand out. I found a good list of wordpress themes at Sem Beast which are centered around a popular wordpress plugin called WooCommerce. If you aren’t familiar with Woocommerce it is a simple ecommerce solution for beginning websites.



If you want to design a website completely from scratch, then you will need to either hire a programmer who is comfortable with web design languages or you will need to learn it yourself. If you want to learn web design on your own, more power to you. Just realize going that this is something that is going to take a lot of hard work and time. For beginners, it is always recommended to use a content management tool such like WordPress.

If you are going to create the website for your business the year that is about to start, or if you are going to have someone do it for you, make sure you meet the following essential points.

And no, do not think that by following these trends your website will be the same as all the others. Originality does not depend on going against these fashions. Creativity is provided by what you offer.

Functions Of Web Design In A Business.

Creating a website, however visual and attractive it may be, is not an art. It is a science.  Art has no immediate purpose, at least in business. The design does have it. You want a showcase for your business, to show or sell something.

Therefore, your website must perfectly fulfill that task. It must show that unique something that you offer. And he must do it with style, but also clearly. So there goes a series of web design tips so that in 2018 you do not miss the goal.

 Web Design Tips: The Structure Of The Web.

Have you seen that most of the webs of the businesses that you like are similar? Maybe you want to bring innovation to differentiate yourself. But I assure you, it’s not a good idea.

If the websites of the businesses that work have a similar structure, it is because the practice has shown them that it works. Now it’s your turn: you can do experiments with your business, or you can adjust to what you know works. The choice is yours.

You will have noticed that the menus have four elements: the home page, the page about me, the services page (or, failing that, the store page) and one more page for the blog.

You can add more, differentiate the different services or sections of the store or add a contact page. But the skeleton is always the same.

And that is what works. On many occasions, the Home page will be the only one that your visitors see. So, be careful in your design and forget about creating a complicated navigation system. As my photography teacher said: “The simple, it works. And the complicated, … it’s complicated. “…

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 Trend 2018: Orient Yourself To Mobiles.

This trend we have already seen during this year that is about to end. But every day it becomes more critical. Think that the vast majority of people navigate with their mobile. With the mobile they use social networks and, if they find you there, with your mobile, they will reach your website, your headquarters.

So do not forget to follow this series of web design tips in 2018:

 The Design Will Be Responsive.

That is, perfectly adapted to the screen of a mobile phone. But there is more to think about people who use their phone to navigate.

For example, they are accustomed to the supremacy of the scroll in navigation. That is, you can make a page as long as you want (without boring). But avoid complicated menus and navigation systems at all costs. They do not like the users.

 Speed And Performance

Think about the speed and performance of your website on a mobile platform. Do not include cumbersome elements (images, complex animations, etc.).

A trend that has been maintained in 2017 and that will extend to 2018 is “flat design.” This trend consists of flat designs, with solid colors, easy to read and that provide precise information.

The navigation is clear, simple, and the information is usually distributed in blocks. As you can see, everything is straightforward and affordable. Both for you and your reader. And most importantly: they are designs that load quickly and that look great on a small screen.

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